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I have been a Realtor, Property Manager, Law Enforcement Officer, K9 Handler and Trainer, Special Security Operations Leader and owner of Loving Paws Of Clermont. It is my task and goal to provide you with not only Home Management Services but to also protect your home and investment from criminal activities.

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All service inspections are done on a weekly basis with a monthly service plan. Client reporting is done the day of each inspection.


Condo / Townhomes...$75 / Month

Standard Single Family Home...$100 / Month

Large Custom Single Family Homes...$125 / Month


Same day client reporting on all single visit inspections.

Condo / Townhomes...$25 per visit

Standard Single Family Home...$30 per visit

Large Custom Single Family Home...$35 per visit


Home Watch Services can be bundled with Pet Sitting Services.

Contact for more details!

Watchdogs Properties considers Standard Single Family Homes to be 2,000 sq ft or smaller. All larger homes will be considered Large Custom Single Family Homes.

All visits are considered up to one hour in length. Service that require additional time will be charged at the appropriate Single Visit Service Plan rate.

While precautions are taken, this is not a preventive service. Watchdogs Properties (Loving Paws, LLC) shall not be held liable or responsible for any damages or repairs, only the inspections. The Home Safety Inspector will meet with the homeowner, walk the property and discuss all instructions and actions needed to provide a peace of mind while away from home.

Services Provided Interior

Check for signs of forced entry, theft, or vandalism.

Verify that all doors and windows are properly secured.

Visual inspection for signs of insects and rodents. 

Visual inspection for signs of mold and mildew.

Checks for visible water leaks.

Check air conditioner settings and interior temperatures.

Check for any obvious damage to the interior of the home.

Check ceiling for evidence of water damage.

Flush toilets and run water in all sinks.

Check alarm system to make sure it functions properly and is armed upon leaving.

Visual inspection of electrical panel for obvious signs of damage.

Water interior plants and flowers.

Services Provided Exterior

Look for broken windows, theft, or vandalism.

Walk around home inspecting for signs of damage to walls, siding, roof and porches.

Retrieve mail and/or newspaper and place in designated area.

Check front door for hangers, flyers etc. Remove and place them in designated area.

Yard inspection of irrigation system and signs of water leaks.

Water exterior plants and flowers..

Single Family

custom homes





Watchdogs Properties (Loving Paws, LLC) is a premiere home management company specializing in the care, safety, and security of primary residences, second homes, vacation homes, condominiums and investment property for absentee owners.  We provide quality home care in the areas of Clermont and surrounding areas (some service area restrictions may apply based on travel distance).

Having a home watch service is necessary to protect your investment from potential threats of home Intrusion, water damage, storms, pests and other unforeseen events that can occur.  Our mission at Watchdogs Properties is to provide homeowners with the peace of mind that their property is protected and maintained during their absence. We will take care of everything while you’re away just like you would if you were here.

If you spend an extended amount of time away from your Central Florida home or condo, we offer monthly and weekly home watch packages at reasonable rates. In addition to the Watchdogs HomeWatch service plans, we can accommodate your specific requests in addition to our home watch checklists. This includes home repairs should an emergency arise and any anticipated deliveries that are scheduled.  Relax and enjoy your time away while a homewatch safety Inspector cares for your home. 

If you own a home in the Central Florida area and are in need of a home management company, rest assured that your valued investment will be taken care of while you’re away.  Each service will be performed and monitored by our Watchdogs Home Safety Inspectors. You will receive an itemized Inspection Report following each home service visit, along with photos of any new issues upon request.  It's our job to personally ensure your home and investments  are protected and professionally maintained through our property management services.  

Contact us to learn more about our services and/or to set up a free consultation for your specific home watch needs.  Each client is unique, and we will develop a home watch service package just for you. 

specializing in the care, safety, and security of primary residences, second homes, vacation homes, condominiums and investment property for absentee owners.

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